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What is Tantra Massage?


Tantra is an extraordinary, elegant system.


The definitions & doctrines of Tantra are too vast to summarise in a single page but the Tantra that is practised today has its origins in Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism & can be traced to 5th Century Medieval India. It is also believed that the first versions of the Kama Sutra were written 3000-5000 years ago.


Tantra began as a Spiritual movement that influenced every major religion (Hinduism, Buddhism & Jainism) of the Asian region. As these new religions spread to neighbouring countries (Tibet, Nepal, China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia & Vietnam) so did Tantra ideas and practices.


Within massage Tantra you will hear about Right Handed Tantra & Left Handed Tantra. And then within these two paths you will find as many schools and hybrid interpretations of Tantra, as there are practitioners.


However a central tenet to all Tantra paths considers that the Universe is a manifestation of pure consciousness.


We, men and women, as manifestation of pure consciousness, have the capacity to awaken Kundalini energy to experience Divinity within:


“Nothing exists that is not Divine”