Erotic massage Barcelona

Erotic Massage In Barcelona

The Heaven Is Here


So, you have always dreamed about some kind of exotic massage. Right now you have a great possibility to make all your dreams come true. We will be happy to help you in this process. But of course you are to pay some money. We can guarantee you that it its deserver. And our regular visitors are a real proof of it.


If we speak about medicine for the sick and prevention for healthy, the elixir of youth for women and a source of energy for men, a nice way to relax and to have a great opportunity to cheer, in conclusion we are to say that it is about massage.

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Find us at "Berlin 5  Street" One minutes walk from

 "Plaça del Centre Tube Station L3 Green line".

Tel. 931-193-569 / 627-295-789


Massages and Rates

Zen - Relax
An exclusive massage that everyone loves, a relaxing massage really flows in erotic happiness. The exciting "lingam" massage will help you get the most pleasure.

Relax completely and experience new sensations.

60 minutes - 90 euros / 30 minutes - 55 euros

Zen - Gold
Elegant program for lovers of complete relaxation and spicy touches. Classic and erotic relaxation that begins with an erotic shower «lingam» massage continues with a sensual "body-body" and ends with a finish to choose from.
80 minutes - 180 euros

Soft Domination
A sexy and intriguing young lady will carry out a simple procedure of "education" and will cost the villain his bad behavior. Along with a high-quality erotic massage, the client receives additional pleasure in the form of a light domination with the appropriate attributes.
60 minutes - 130 euros

Role playing games
A complete fantasy program, to stimulate the imagination! Stockings, shoes, underwear, innocent costumes ... Our teachers will gladly wear any outfit you choose, your mission will be to provide pleasure and enjoy the game. Termination to choose.
60 minutes - 150 euros

Zen Luxury
A rich and erotic sexual show awaits you: two beautiful ladies will glide all over your body, resorting to the help of essential oils. Both masseuses use a variety of super erotic movements, you will feel an extraordinary pleasure. Classic and erotic relaxation, peep show and lesbian show! Believe me, you could only dream of such a thing. Termination to choose. Gift champagne bottle.
90 minutes - 300 euros

Kiss of Geisha
Surrender yourself to the hands of an expert geisha, allow her to perform any action with your body, elevate you to the peak of pleasure. Sensual movement "body-body" and in the end you will arrive with real pleasure!
The sensuality of this ending will enchant you!
60 minutes - 110 euros / 45 minutes - 85 euros

Sweet Eva
Do you want passion and forbidden games? Then this program is for you! It contains all the transgressor of sexuality. Put yourself in the hands of the masseuse, you just have to enjoy. Exquisite combination of classic and erotic massage and the "naughty fingers" program with "lingam" ending
60 minutes - 110 euros / 30 minutes - 75 euros

Couple massage
Massage for couples is an ideal way to update your relaxation, bring something new and unforgettable, direct sexual energy with each other. Our charming masseuses will help you
immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and pleasure. Trust our best teachers, request an erotic massage for couples and our ladies will not ignore your wishes.
60 minutes - 180 euros

Four Hands massage
This is not an ordinary massage, it is the paradise between four walls, where two masseuses as if they were imperial concubines slide through your body going crazy with sensual touches and movements of flexible, elastic and beautiful bodies. Two beautiful girls work masterfully in every inch of your body, exposing your boldest desires and your erotic fantasies. Termination to choose.
60 minutes - 150 euros

Zen - Woman
It is an atmosphere of comfort, quiet and pleasant music relaxing. He / she masseuse applies an aromatic oil to the whole body that softens and moisturizes the skin. The movements of the hands begin to explore every inch of your body. Gradually, they are exciting and lead to a reciprocal euphoria, will take you to the climax. After the massage, you will feel a great pleasure,
that can be improved with a delicious glass of champagne.

60 minutes - 110 euros

Spicy games Strap-on

Erotic massage with Strap-on includes foreplay, lubrication, careful preparation and stimulation of the penis. Everything will happen in an environment of sensual pleasure. The masseuse is a delicate and affectionate girl, fully exposed and will allow you to caress her in response, the harness is placed to give the full range of pleasure and guarantees a majestic orgasm. Erotic massage with Strapon-on is a new masculine format. You choose the grade and size of the toy. Let the secret fantasies come true!

Price: 60 minutes 130€